simple Thai typing and transliteration

Welcome to the TypeThai homepage.

TypeThai is an Input Method that allows you to type Thai characters using a romanization system. If you'd like to know more about TypeThai, please check out the links along the side.

- Signing off on the Mac beta for now, and moving into development of a windows beta. Documentation basically completed.

- Still in closed beta, but progress is being made! The reduplication recognition is tentatively done, baring a bit more testing. Also, I've started setting up the documentation section (but its still empty), a key component in the transition from closed to open beta, so once both of those are definitively complete we can start looking at opening up the beta to anyone interested.

- Unfortunately, the project is currently in a closed beta, but it should be ready for download as a public beta in not too long, so keep checking back and we'll have it up when it's up!


Do you have experience with:

  • Finite-state Transducers? (especially weighted)
  • Windows Programming?
  • *NIX Programming?
  • Input Method Programming?
  • User interface design?
  • Computerized dictionaries?
  • Other fun stuff?
If you do, and have free time and want to help out, please contact me,

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